Prospect Rise: School Time

We all know that it can take quite a while for a new school to be opened in a new community. Panorama, a community that is in its last phase of land, just had schools open last year. So where do Kincora and Evanston sit on the priority scale for getting a new school?

The Calgary Board of Education does have a rating system to evaluate which communities make the top of their Three-Year School Capital Plan. This is a report completed every year and this year sees Evanston sitting 4th out of the 14 communities that make the list for new school construction. Kincora came in 15th of the 14 communities put into priority for new school development this year (I did not include school modernizations as part of this list). This means that a school is being planned for the Evanston Area.

Evanston Elementary a K – 4 school with a capacity for 600 students, is on the priority list for the 2013-2014 year. This means we could be seeing a school opening in the coming year!

The priority is determined by several factors, including;

  • Pre School Census
  • Elementary Enrollments
  • Population growth (3 Year Average)
  • Median travel time
  • Bus Receivers

Hopefully next year Kincora will make the list for new school construction! But there  are schools coming to the area!