Prospect Rise Showhomes & Prospect Ridge Construction Update

Have you been waiting until our showhomes are ready, before visiting us? Well I’m excited to say that you don’t need to wait much longer!! In fact, if you’re wanting a sneak peak, we might just be able to sneak you into these amazing Calgary Northwest Townhomes before our Grand Opening on September 15, 2012.

Showhomes – With the flooring now complete and appliances just installed, all that’s left is a few finishing touches and details to complete before we move in furniture! The new colors and selections we have for Prospect Rise are being showcased and all I can say is WOW, they look amazing. We are very excited to see how our 3 showhomes look once our designers have worked their magic, showcasing different design and decor ideas!

Around the Prospect Ridge site things are still moving fast!

Buildings 8, 1 & 2 – Completed, everyone has been living in their new townhomes for a couple months now. We’re even starting to come up on the time for our scheduled warranty walkthroughs! This is where our warranty technicians visit every homeowner and any warranty issues that have come up get fixed!

Buildings 3 & 5 – Everyone has moved in! Well almost, there are 2 units left in Building 5 to turn over the keys and have the owners moved in, but that’s happening this week

Buildings 6 & 7 – Received (or about to receive) their possession letters! With Building 6 at the finishing stage, getting flooring and paint touch ups. While Building 7 is about to have their cabinets delivered and installed!

Building 4 – We are finishing the drywall and beginning prep work for the paint primer to start.

Building 9 – Drywall is being delivered and has started to go up!

Around Prospect Ridge – Landscaping is fully underway! Trees have been planted by buildings 8, 1, 2 & 3. The posts for the fence are in on the southern end of property. Soon we will begin laying sod, making everything nice and green around the area!! The garbage enclosures will begin to be sided shortly and have doors installed. The center courtyard will be the last to be completed, and once it is, we’ll have all the owners out to a celebratory BBQ!!