Prospect Rise: What Our Homeowners Are Saying

We have some incredible homeowners at Prospect Rise Kincora. At our very first homeowner party, we asked everyone to tell us why they chose to own a new home at Prospect Rise. Check out their responses and view our floorplans to see how you can become their new neighbour!

Carol C. – I really wanted a home- modern, fresh and in a NW location. We had researched townhomes all over the city and it was easy to make this decision to buy with Avi Urban! The courtyard is such a great feature.

Johnson T. – My girlfriend and I are engaged and we decided to build our sweet home with Prospect Rise. We think this is a great investment and we hope our future will grow like the name of the developemnt, Prospect Rise. We’re putting the seeds down and watching them grow bigger and bigger!

Lorne and Shelley F. – We’re so excited to downsize into our own new little piece of paradise! It’s been a pleasure meeting the sales team (Brian and TaraLynn), they’ve been lots of help and were always smiling.

Jana-Marie G – Once upon a time, I was working out with my trainer Nic at the gym. Nic: “Five more reps Jana, you can do it. Oh, and on a side note, I’m so happy I just bought my dream home! You should check it out!” Three weeks later I get home from a volunteer trip in the Philippines. My parents: “How was your trip? We missed you. By the way, you need to move out by September 1st.”

So I compromised with them, I could stay at home longer if I had no where to live because I was building a home. At the risk of being charged additional “fees” to my rent because of a messy room, I took Nic’s advice, checked out the showhomes, fell in love and committed!

TJ R. – I live and work in Saskatchewan, but Calgary is my home which I want to move back to someday. I started looking for a place to live and my sister had friends buying in Prospect Rise. They suggested we look into them, so we did and we loved them enough to buy one!

Max. C – I learned about Prospect Rise through a friend. I came in and checked out the showhomes, then ended up buying a few weeks later.

Christina L. – We chose Prospect Rise to be our new home because Avi Urban is a dependable builder and Kincora is a great neighbourhood.

Jaime Y. – I decided it was time to look for a place and renting was a waste of my money. I came to Prospect Rise and fell in love! This was the first showhome I saw and I knew it was the one I wanted. I am so excited, I can’t wait until it’s ready!

Caitlin Y. – I needed to do something epic with my life. My mom saw the floorplans online, so we came in and I loved the Ruby floorplan. I’m excited to move out of my parent’s house and be on my own!

April Z. – We found the showhomes and had a walk through. We weren’t even planning on buying and Prospect Rise was the first development we looked at. It won us over right away, and we bought five days later. I love the fact that our balcony looks out over the courtyard and how open the layout is. I’m so excited!!

Antonio and Fabiola – We loved this townhouse since we visited in Panorama a couple of years ago. But we had to postpone it for a while, so this year we finally decided to go for it. We checked and looked around, but nothing was like Prospect Rise, actually we could say that it was love at first sight! The sales team was awesome and made everything so easy. We love it!

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