Rainy Day Reads- With Juno Townhomes at Currie Barracks

As the next release of Juno Townhomes, located in Currie Barracks, is just around the corner, we run into some old friends in this month’s Calgary Condo Living.

Planting their roots in Currie Barracks, Ali Shaffer and Mark Tisdall stand proudly in the Avi Urban sales centre in the heart of Currie Barracks. Thanks to the alluring words of Karen Durrie, we have the convenience of reading the latest and greatest in urban living right from our own homes.

This article answers all our questions as to what Currie Barracks has to offer. Avi Urban’s newly released townhomes gives people a sense of home; just ask Ali and Mark, Juno’s first purchasers.

The article on the two new home owners can be viewed in the September 2014 edition of Calgary Condo Living.

As the two excitedly wait for the summer 2015 completion of their townhome in Currie Barracks, Juno continues to fulfill the dream of buyers looking to purchase in an exciting new Urban Village.

Our rainy day reads have just gotten better.


Abby James

Juno- Avi Urban