Remember This…with Avi Urban

At Avi Urban, we  feel that it’s important to remember those who serve our country, past and present. So we found some events that you can attend to honor those who served us:

  1. Field of Crosses on Memorial Drive – The park area along Memorial Drive is reserved for 3,200 white crosses, which are displayed each year from November 1 to November 11. At sunrise each morning, there is a flag raising ceremony to honor those who fought for us, with the flags lowered at sunset each night.
  2. Aerospace Museum Ceremony -Believing in the demonstration of keeping the memory alive and remembering together as a community, the Aerospace Museum hosts a ceremony on November 11 starting at 10:30 – 11:15am.
  3. Battalion Park Ceremony – This is the 4th annual ceremony and holds a significant meaning this year, as it will be 100 years since troops were deployed from this site. The ceremony starts at 10:30 a.m
  4. Remembrance Day service at the Jubilee Auditorium -On November 11, wreaths will be laid by political, veterans’, military, civic and community organizations. If you wish to lay a private wreath, you are encouraged to do so. Weather permitting, there will be a march outside following the ceremony. Doors open at 9:30 a.m.
  5. Remembrance Day tour at Burnsland Cemetery -Join in a Remembrance Day tour that is steeped in tradition, reflecting military units and the hero’s that were buried there. Ceremony and tour runs from 2-3:30 p.m.