RESOLVE to change

In 2014, we joined 10 other Calgary homebuilders to partner with the RESOLVE Campaign. RESOLVE is a collaboration of nine partner agencies, with the goal of raising the money needed to create affordable rental housing with support services for up to 3,000 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians.

RESOLVE has advanced towards the goal and as the leaves hit the ground, we’re preparing to do our part.  An Avi Urban project with 26 individuals units will start construction by January 2018 in hopes to have families unpacking by winter 2018 or early 2019. This building represents a $1.4 million investment in, what we believe to be, one of Calgary’s most essential endeavors.

As homebuilders, it’s important to leave a legacy in the community of Calgary, and within that, the people of Calgary.

Watch and learn more about how RESOLVE changes lives, or get involved here. Help us to make home a reality for Calgarians who need it most, text HOME to 30333 to donate to RESOLVE today!