Savanna Urban Terraces: Benefits of Buying Freehold

Did you know there are no condo fees in Savanna Urban Terraces? Since we’ve gotten lots of questions surrounding the main differences between condo and freehold townhomes, we thought we’d share the top five reasons buying a freehold townhome is the best choice for you.

Top 5 Benefits:

  1. You own it! Unlike a condo where you only own the interior of the unit, you own the structure and the land.
  2. You are in full control of your property. You have the ability to make all the decisions that affect your home and the land that it sits on, including interior and exterior finishes. You don’t need to abide by the condo corporations rules and seek approval for any changes or upgrades you wish to do to your home.
  3. There are no monthly fees or contributions. If maintenance or repairs come up, you are able to decide who, what, when and how to conduct such repairs. This eliminates the potential for surprise special assessments or gradual increases in condo fees over time.
  4. These townhomes offer an affordable means to become a private homeowner within single family communities.
  5. Townhomes are in demand and of extreme value — your ownership of the land positively impacts the resell value.

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