Savanna Urban Terraces: Construction Update

It’s been amazing to watch the daily changes happening in the first phase of Savanna Urban Terraces and we’ve started construction on phase two!

To keep you up-to-date on the changes, here’s a  building-by-building update on the progress:

Building 1 – So much has happened in the past month! Rough-ins, insulation, drywall, ceiling texture and the exterior are all complete. We’ve started to receive the finishing materials, so final work on this building will be underway shortly.

Building 2 – With framing, roofing, windows and rough-ins now complete, we’ve started on insulation and exterior finishes.

Building 3 – Framing, roofing, and windows are completed and rough-ins, such as the plumbing, heating vents, and electrical, are well under way.

Building 5 – The footing and foundation walls have been poured.

Building 4 – Foundations have been dug.

Buildings 6, 7 & 8 – Sales will begin in a month or so, and we anticipate the start of construction on this final phase won’t be far behind.

Talk about progress!

Until next month,

TaraLynn @ Savanna