Savanna Urban Terraces: Construction Update

There’s been tons happening in Savanna Urban Terraces lately, so here’s a quick building-by-building update for you!

Buildings 1 & 2 – These buildings are complete and we’ve turned them over to their homeowners who are in the process of moving in. Our show homes (located in building one) qualify got our lease back program, so be sure to ask us about this investment opportunity.

Building 3 – Our team has completed finishing and final touch-ups, which allowed homeowners to start moving in over the weekend.

Building 4 – Only a few homes are still available in this building, where we’re finishing up with framing, roof shingles and starting on rough-in’s.

Building 5 – Framing is complete, the roof shingles are on and we’ve started the rough-ins, which includes plumbing, electric and heating.

Building 6, 7 & 8 – These buildings make up the third (and final) phase of this development. Homes in each building are now selling and we plan to start construction in the next few months.

Around the Site – Genstar’s work on the park, which sits in the middle of our three phases, is now complete. Construction on the commercial shopping center known as the Savanna Market will be finished in the next couple of months. The market is right across from our first three buildings and will open later next year, after shop owners have had a chance to complete their interior construction and set-up.

Until next time,

TaraLynn @ Savanna