Savanna Urban Terraces: Construction Update – July 2019

It’s been a while since our last construction update, and we’re so sorry for the delay. There has been so much happening, it’s been hard to keep up! We’ll get you all up to speed now…

We’re nearing the end of construction of the Savanna Urban Terraces with all of our remaining homes scheduled to be complete by September (PS, that’s 1-2 months earlier than we first predicted!). The milder winter (minus February) helped our Construction Team get this project completed early.  Luckily, the rain we’ve been getting lately hasn’t affected that schedule very much either.

Here is where we are at with each building:

Building 1, 2, 3 & 5 – All complete and home owners have moved in (YAY!). The Showhomes are now for sale, with a targeted move in of October! Contact us for pricing, they won’t last long.

Building 4 – Complete, homowners have moved in here as well. There are 2 Immediate Possessions available if you’re looking to move in fast.

Building 6 – Exterior Siding is complete and the finishing’s stages are close to completion as well! Possessions are tentatively scheduled for August, just one month away!

Building 7 – Exterior work is finishing up with the last of the siding going up. On the inside, we’ve started the finishings stage with the walls being primed and cabinets being installed.

Building 8 – Exterior siding has been installed and the finishings stage is well underway inside. Cabinets have been installed and flooring has started to be delivered with installations starting soon!

Interested in our buying our Showhomes or one of our Quick possessions, Just let us know!

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ Savanna Urban Terraces