Saving for your new home deposit? We can help!

Av Avi Urban, we’re all about making it easy.

We know that becoming a new homeowner is major. We also know that when you’re working hard saving up enough downpayment money, sometimes the amount you need versus the amount you have can seem really far apart.

Realize your dream faster with our new deposit assistance program.

  1. Start by visiting any one of our four amazing developments and find your perfect place.
  2. Go ahead and finalize the purchase agreement using the deposit money you have.
  3. Now make the construction time frame your new best friend. While we work on building your new home, you continue to save for it.

That means you take full advantage of today’s prices, interest rates and promos, while you experience the excitement that comes from becoming a future Avi Urban homeowner.

Yep, it’s that easy. All you have to do now is worry about where you’ll put your couch, or what you’ll serve at your first housewarming party in your new Calgary condo or townhome.

It’s all about making your homeownership dream a reality. Instead of saving for that house, start saving for your house.

Connect with the Avi Urban team today to learn more.