Sawyer Construction Update: August 2014

As we continue to have beautiful weather, the construction on the Sawyer site in Silverado is moving as fast as the weeks of summer are passing by….

Building 1 – is complete and our homeowners are settling into their amazing new homes. The landscaping is done and looks great! Residents are very happy 🙂

Building 3

We should have some exciting news for our homeowners later on this week so stay tuned!

–        The flooring is being installed on the first floor

–        The cabinets have been installed on the second floor.

–        The counter tops start next week on the second floor

–        All units on the second floor have been primed

–        50% of the units on the third floor have cabinets installed

–        Concrete patio slabs start next week.

Building 2

–        Roof is framed and complete

–        Shingles scheduled for next week

–        Plumbing and electrical starting rough-in’s next week

–        Parkade plumbing & electrical is being installed.

–        Windows and doors are continuing to be installed.

We’ll have another update later on this month as the landscaping continues and we have more news regarding possessions and progress in Building 2!


Kassy @Sawyer