Sawyer in Silverado: Buyer Profile

Sarah and Allan have just taken the first steps into homeownership and chose Sawyer by Avi Urban as their home. They are the proud new owners of our Two Bedroom A plan. This fun couple took the time to answer a few questions and help us get to know them better…here’s what they had to say!

Favorite thing about Silverado or the SW?

Close to everything we need and quick access to roads for out of town weekend getaways!


Why you chose to call Sawyer your home?

Area is nice, well developed and not over-crowded.


How you heard about us?

S: Cruising the internet when I should have been working.

A: She told me about it.


Your favorite thing about your new home?

It’ll be our first place together, without living with one or the other’s parents!


Favorite sinful food?

Chocolate. Ice Cream. Sweets.


How did you both meet?

S: In France. In Normandy, for my brother’s graduation. Allan was working at the Chateau we stayed at. I was traveling around Western Europe for the summer (awesome by the way!). We later met up in Paris, before I went back to work in London. Had a great weekend together, and it went from there! Isn’t that how everyone meets their significant other?


What is the coolest thing about you?

S: I have tattoo’s. Love to travel. 

A: Over here, my accent. My tattoos are pretty sweet too.


Nicknames as a kid?

S: Colby, Ashes, Cheese. I had lots!

A: Fordy.


Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

S: Bone Marrow. It’s actually delicious. Also, Kangaroo, Crocodile, Pigeon heart. I worked with a French chef, who made me eat everything odd he made. So I did!

A: Pigeon heart


Most embarrassing moment?

S: I do plenty of embarrassing things.

A: I kept falling up the stairs on my ‘first date’ with Sarah. Every set of stairs in Paris we came to, I tripped up! 


Most triumphant moment?

S: Moving to the UK and finding/renting my first flat. And traveling around Europe, mostly on my own.

A: Moving to Canada


If you could have a super power what would it be?

S: The ability to fly! Save me so much in flight/transportation.

A: Being able to go invisible, just think of the places you could go unnoticed.