Sawyer Silverado: Buyer Profile

Name: Kayla

Proud new owner of Corner A home at Sawyer Silverado!

Favorite thing about Silverado or the SW? I love the suburbs! Silverado is almost like a cute, small town tucked away, but still close to everything!

Why you chose to call Sawyer your home? I have been looking at new developments in all surrounding communities, but when I saw Sawyer I instantly fell in love. I work downtown, so having the LRT station so close was also a key factor.

How you heard about us? The fantastic advertising! I also love the work Avi does, so I finally decided to come check it out!

Your favorite thing about your new home? Everything! I bought the last unit it the entire development and all the features from the kitchen cabinets, to counters, flooring and the unit layout was everything I wanted in my own home. It was just meant to be.

Favorite sinful food? Mac & cheese, I’m obsessed.

What is the coolest thing about you? My sense of humor, and I’m a country die hard.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? I think fish eggs.

Most embarrassing moment? When I thought the saying “from the get go” was actually “from the gecko” (like a lizard). Or the fact I just told you all this. I don’t know, I pretty much have an embarrassing moment a day!

Most triumphant moment? Buying my condo!

If you could have a super power what would it be? To snap my fingers and be anywhere in the world I need to be, or want to be just like that!

Thanks so much Kayla for answering a few fun questions for us. We’re looking forward to having you as a part of the Sawyer family!

Kassandra @Sawyer