Sawyer Silverado: Construction Update for April 2014

Well it’s been a month since our last detailed update on the construction at Sawyer Silverado. A lot has happened in the last four weeks, and now that the nice weather is finally starting to stay longer and longer we’ll be moving forward full speed! Building 3 is looking great with the shingles being installed this week and all windows and doors installed. The siding will also start as soon as the shingles have been installed and completed, which at the rate they are moving won’t be long. Below is a building by building update, and don’t forget to check out all of the pictures!

Building 1

  •  Doors and Trim have been installed on the first floor
  • Cabinets are installed on the first floor and looking great! Everyone made such great selections with their cabinets!
  • Painting will start this week on the first floor
  • Doors and trim will start this week on the second floor
  • Tape and texture complete this week on the third floor
  • The parkade ramp has been poured this week

Building 3

  •  Roof shingles started last week and are now completed on the east side of the building
  • Second floor electrical and plumbing were completed last week
  • Drywall has been installed in the hallways on the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • All the windows and doors are installed

 Building 2

  •  The elevator shaft is complete in building 2 and the walls (see site photos) have been delivered and framing has started.
  • Framing starts this week

Stay tuned for our next construction blog for Sawyer. I will be posting one by the end of the month again, as there are a lot of great photos to be shared.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Kassandra @Sawyer Silverado