Sawyer Silverado: Construction Update June 2014

June is an exciting month for our homeowners at Sawyer in Silverado!

We have our first possessions starting this week in Building One. Main floor homeowners are starting to move in the end of this month and continuing into July. We’ve also sent out the letters for possessions for the second floor, and third floor letters will be going out shortly! We are so excited to see homeowners start moving in and making Sawyer their own. Here’s a building by building update on what’s happening on the Sawyer site.

Building One

–        Possessions start on Friday, June 27 for the first floor

–        Lighting is being installed this week on the second floor

–        Plumbing fixtures starts this week on the second floor

–        Painting start this week on the third floor

–        The sidewalks and concrete patio decks will be poured this week

Building Three

–        The cabinets are being installed on the main floor

–        Drywall has started this week on the second floor.

–        Siding will be completed by the end of the month

Building Two

–      The 3rd floor framing is complete and the roof will be installed in the next couple weeks.

–        Plumbing and electrical rough-ins start this week on the main floor.

With all 3 buildings well underway with construction the site looks great! Congratulations to all of our homeowners taking possession over the next few weeks and thank you again for choosing Avi Urban and our Sawyer development for your home purchase. For all our homeowners in Building 2 and 3 stay tuned for more updates and photos!

Kassy @Sawyer