Sawyer Silverado: Construction Update March 2014

With this beautiful spring-like weather, we’re seeing a lot of action on the Sawyer site in Silverado! The team is well on their way to completing some of the homes in building 1, while building 2 and building 3 are both at different stages (but progressing incredibly quickly!).

Here’s where your new Calgary condo at Sawyer Silverado is at:

Building 1 – The drywall is complete on the first floor. The insulation on the second floor is complete and the drywall is being installed now. The siding is 95% complete. The drywalling in the hallways is coming along really well, and you can see how your front doors will look – we love the recessed lights over each custom colour front door. So stylin’!

Some of the floors are now being completed, with gyp-crete being poured (that’s the wet concrete-type material in the photos). This goes overtop of the floor and provides a base for your final flooring (like carpet or hardwood). You’ll notice some homes have a padding on the floor. This is the Acousti-Mat, the underlay that provides sound control. This is being placed underneath hardwood and tile floors.

Building 3 – Roof trusses have been installed and sheathing started last week. First floor plumbing rough-ins are complete. The tubs and showers were delivered and have been installed on the first floor, which is exciting! The team chooses to have these tubs and showers delivered at the rough-in stage, because they’re so large and easier to maneuver in and out of the homes.

Building 2 – Now that we’re finally getting some warmer spring weather, we’ll be pouring half of the suspended slab will be this week. You can see the slab that tops the entire parkade in the photos, which shows how large this building will actually be!

Stay tuned for more pictures later on this week of the suspended slab being poured, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook pagefor more photos and updates!

Kassandra @Sawyer Silverado