Sawyer Silverado: First Homeowners Moving In!

It’s a seriously exciting moment for all of the awesome homeowners at Sawyer Silverado – the first possession letters have gone out, and homeowners will be moving in June!

The homeowners in Building One will start taking possession at the end of June, with future possessions to happen in the coming months. After months of construction, hundreds of trades on site, and thousands of tons of concrete poured, it’s a momentous occassion and we’re so excited for our homeowners! Letters to homeowners on the first floor of Building One have been sent out, with the other floors to follow soon thereafter. It’ll be great to have homeowners moving in one floor at a time, so the homeowners on each floor can get to know each other between moving couches and boxes.

As a homeowner at Sawyer, there are some things you’ll need to get organized before you move in. This includes calling your lawyer to set up an appointment to sign documents, connecting with your financing representative, and setting up service installations (like electricity and cable/internet). We’ve provided a checklist included with your letter to help you through this process. For the first floor homeowners, you won’t need to book the elevator, but this will change for homeowners on the upper floors.

The first move-ins at Sawyer Silverado are a big deal, and our team is excited to have homeowners start making the place their own. If you have any questions prior to your move in, your customer relations representative Kirsten Anderson is always around to help at or at (403)536-7074.

Congratulations to the first homeowners at Sawyer Silverado!