Sawyer Silverado: Meet your new neighbours!

Name(s): Helen and Eric

Proud new owners of the 2 bedroom B Plan.

Favorite thing about Silverado or the SW?

We both love the location, it’s so convenient. We’ve lived in the South West for several years now and love how it’s close to shopping and especially the LRT just minutes away from our new home at Sawyer! 


Why you chose to call Sawyer your home? When we came into the presentation center the staff was very helpful and friendly!

Avi Urban has a great long standing reputation in the city and the plans they offer are very functional and spacious. -Helen and Eric

How you heard about us?

Since we live in the south, we saw the signs driving by and decided to stop in and check it out! – Helen and Eric

Your favorite thing about your new home?

We love the 9ft ceilings, which are offered on every floor and the 36” cabinets. – Helen and Eric

Favorite sinful food? Chocolate ice cream!-Helen

What is the coolest thing about you?

I love making desserts, cheese cake is my favorite! – Helen

Nicknames as a kid?

People still call me Hells Bell -Helen

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

When we were out for dinner, we ordered a ginger crème brulee. – Helen and Eric

Most embarrassing moment?

When I was in high school, we had swimming lessons for our gym class. One day after we had all changed into our swim suits for class the fire alarm sounded, we all had to march outside to our meeting spot in nothing but our bathing suits! – Helen

Most triumphant moment?

The day I met Helen – Eric J

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Eric – I would be a teleporter, I don’t like to fly so that would eliminate the problem.

Helen – I would be invisible, I could sneak around and no one would know I was there!

Thank you Eric and Helen for taking the time to answer a few fun questions and help us get to know our buyers. We are excited for you to be a part of this stellar new community we’re building at Sawyer in Silverado.

Come and visit us at the presentation center to become apart of this growing community.