Sawyer Silverado: Pre-Launch Saturday, November 17th

It’s official: The Sawyer Silverado pre-launch event happens next Saturday, November 17th.

Plus, these condos start in the mid-$100’s. Yeah, that’s right. One and two bedroom 650-1,000 square foot condos starting in the mid-$100’s. It’s a stellar price, and you won’t be skimping out on style.

The coolest finishes chosen by you and totally functional floorplans designed by us. With so much style combined with crazy great value, your condo will be the classiest crib around.

With a couple hundred peeps expressing interest in Sawyer, we’re currently working on contacting everyone. If you haven’t yet registered for this awesome development, now’s your chance! Register now for insider details and launch info.
Interested in Sawyer Silverado? Our sales team Nik and Kassandra are around to answer questions and connect (and they’re pretty fun to chat with). Just email or call (403)536-7282.