Sawyer Silverado: What Our Homeowners Are Saying

We have some seriously awesome homeowners at Sawyer Silverado. At our latest homeowner event we asked some of them to tells us why they chose Sawyer. Check out their responses below and view the floorplans to see how you can become their neighbour!

Venry: The price was right to begin with and the plans that were available were very attractive. I love the design and features. The location is great and very ideal for me with the train close by. After doing my research, Avi proved to be one of the best builders in the city and I felt that I could trust them to build my home. The sales team is awesome and they’ve helped me make what I believe is my best long term decision thus far. I’m very, very happy and excited about this.

Shannon and Adam: After living in my parent’s basement for a year and a bit, it was time to find a place of our own. A good friend of mine who lives in the area told me about these condos and said “buy one!” We really liked the modern touches, the construction plan, and of course, the people. So we decided to make Sawyer our new home.

Puru: We love everything about Sawyer. Location, layouts, price, service and lots of green space around!

Natalia: As a first time homebuyer I was excited when I first read about Sawyer and immediately came to see the offer. After talking to Kassandra I was 100% sure this was my place! Thank you Kassandra and Nik for such smooth sailing!

Marjie: I was very impressed with the sales staff. The unit looks very nice.

Jen: When I was looking to buy my first home, I fell in love with an Avi home because of its quality and detail. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it. My grandpa passed away in 2012, one day after I saw him on his 94th birthday. He was a savvy investor, being a farmer, so with the little bit of money he left me, I decided to try and make him proud – by investing in real estate and hopefully setting myself up well in the future. I think he’d appreciate how his hard earned money is being used and not selfishly squandered. Can’t wait to have more tenants!

Jenny: When I came in I was very overwhelmed. Nik and Kassy were so nice and made it very easy. I love the layout and the standards at Sawyer. It feels like home!

Henry and Clara: We love our Corner B unit! The size of it, the deck, the colour combo, just everything! Can’t wait to move in. The best thing is the service from the team, thanks for everything.

Robyn: I liked Sawyer because I liked the floorplans that were available, and I also really liked the area.