September Design Trend: Distressed Vintage

Our interior designers are always up on the latest trends in home décor. This season they’re finding inspiration in the old and making it new. Showhome decorator Chloe Leung explains why distressed vintage pieces are perfect for fall.

As for a fall design trend we believe that an elegant, vintage and antique look in the house is now being seen in a lot of stores, homes and even in our showhomes. People are beginning to use more natural and textured materials in their homes. We’ve  seen tons of unique textured  fabrics for furniture, bedding, toss cushions and drapes. Using warm, natural colours creates a calm vibe and makes for one cozy house in the fall.

Try vintage: A lot of vintage inspiration and texture can be found in wallpapers such as a grasscloth, and it’s also seen in more natural furniture pieces. We also love the distressed look in furniture, like what you’d see in Restoration Hardware. Some of the pieces we’ve  collected for different showhomes are inspired b vintage, like textured distressed tables and more natural finishes on items.

Keep it light: While it seems like you should be cozying up this fall, using some lighter fabrics can create an antique, earthy look that can work well with richer furniture pieces. Lighter materials adds a more elegant feel as well. Fabrics choices like lace and sheer fabrics create that elegant vintage feeling to homes, where light can be reflected.

Make texture: Texture also adds warmth to the house for those cold fall days. That means layering different kinds of throw pillows and blankets together and using more rustic pieces as accessories. More natural colors are also seen in homes. We like using muted greys, warm browns and taupes.

Bringing your home from summer to fall can be a challenge. By  using unique or vintage pieces and layering with texture, you can easily move from hot sunny days to warm, cozy evenings at home.

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