September DIY: Custom Closet

At Avi Urban, our designers work to create functional spaces, keeping in mind how our homeowners will be using the spaces. In our Sawyer Silverado showhome, our designers used a simple DIY idea to create a completely organized closet. Interior designers Julie Punter, Alex Scott and Chloe Leung explain how to make the most of your closet and give it a DIY organization overhaul.

Our team went affordable and used IKEA for all storage requirements. We like IKEA because it’s both stylish and easy on the wallet.

·         LEKMAN boxes – Stacked for hat and bag storage

·         SKUBB – Fabric hanging organizer

·         KASSETT – Boxes

·         GRUNDTAL – Laundry hamper

·         ALGOT – Shoe rack

·         KVARTAL – System to hang drapery panel

·         ANINO SANELA – Drapery panels

·         SYRLIG – Hooks for scarves

You’ll also need:

·         Measuring tape

·         Drill with small drill bit

·         Screwdriver

·         Laser level or small level

Here’s how the team went about creating a functional and customized closet space.

1.       Assemble the bins and containers: Follow the instructions and put together the boxes and bins. It’s a good idea to measure how much space you have from the top shelf to the ceiling of your closet, so you know how many bins will fit. We stacked six in total, with two bins on top of each other for hats, bags and anything else that can fit loosely into storage bins.

2.       Mark and drill for shoe rack and other storage: It’s time to get out your tools! Mark out a placement in the closet where the shoe rack should go, then use a level to make sure the rack will be put on straight. We like this shoe rack because it stops the “pile of shoes” issue on the bottom of the closet and makes everything visible.

3.       Install panel rod: Because this is a walk-through closet, we thought it would be a good idea to install panels for a neater, cleaner look. Mark out where you want your panel curtains to go, making sure to leave a 1.5 inch gap from the ceiling to the first panel rod. This will make it easier for your fingers to tighten the knobs. Slide all of the panels onto the rod, then mark out the length of the panel and cut with scissors. A reminder to not cut before you hang the panels or you may cut them too short!

4.       Hang storage bins and hooks: Now to start arranging where your bins and hooks will go. We used hooks for scarves and hanging bins for t-shirts and other foldable items. It’s a great idea to grab a tall skinny laundry basket that creates a smaller footprint in your closet. This’ll make it easier to fit more in the closet, instead of having a wide shallow plastic laundry basket that takes up valuable floor space.

5.       Get organized and start arranging your new closet: Here’s the fun part. Now that you’ve taken everything out of your closet, it’s time to bring it all back in. We like to sort by colour or season when hanging clothing, and making everything visible so you’ll use it more. Use the hooks to hang scarves so they’re easy to access, and use the bins with lids to store seasonal items like sweaters or winter accessories.

Using pre-made items like shoe racks and stackable bins helps to create a custom closet that works for how you live. How you stock your new custom closet is up to you!

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