Smart Tips from Showhome Decorators: 4 Ways to Show Off Your Storage

Our showhome decorators are savvy. They’re often taking something simple and making it into something smart, and they have plenty of cool ideas to make your place extra awesome.

Storage is a big deal for our homeowners, and our decorators have tons of great ideas to make your storage into something special – by showing it off! Here’s how to make that visible storage into stylish storage, and show of some of your prized possessions (or hide some of that clutter).

1. Use interesting containers: Who says that you have to use simple bins? Using interesting types of containers in different sizes, scales, and textures that complement your home. That way you can utilize open shelving for storage and not just display, while hiding clutter.

2. Show off what you love: Try finding cool ways to show off stuff that you love. We like the idea of displaying your fancy shoes as an art piece on a wall, which an amp up any girl’s dream closet. By using crown molding along spare walls pace, you can hang heels and bring a little “boutique” to your bedroom. This also goes for vases or tableware that would normally be stored away in a cupboard. Bring them out and show them off by installing simple shelves in a kitchen or dining area. If you like it, display it!

3. Frame a shelf: Shelves don’t have to be boring. Framing a simple bookshelf (check out this tutorial from House of 34) can add a little lux to your affordable purchased cabinetry storage, and it’s an easy DIY. A disassembled frame or moldings can be spray painted to match your décor and gives you a little glam.

4. Make boring into boutique: There’s a new trend of clothing organization that can serve as a decorative piece as well – showing off clothing! Use a repurposed media center or hutch to hold your favourite pieces, or mix and match some clothing and decorative items on shelves. We’ve also seen dress forms used in a closet or corner of a room to hang jewelry, scarves, and belts from. It’s a cool way to store delicate items, or pieces that you love looking at. In a kid’s room, try using a simple media console as a closet, bookshelf, and organizational piece. What a space saver!

Check out our Pinterest page for tons of cool ideas to help make your favourite pieces stand out, or organize in a way that makes your space look stylish.