Smart Tips from Showhome Decorators: Picking Patterns 101

Our showhome decorators are clever and super knowledgeable when it comes to all things design. They work to find the latest fabrics, wallpapers, and everything in between to create a cohesive space.

Patterns are big this season, but it’s easy to go overboard! If you’re into bright colours and fun patterns, our showhome decorator Marnie Galbraith talks you through how to incorporate them into your new place:

A chic look is patterns! Patterns, patterns everywhere! We’re seeing it in both decorating and in fashion, with patterns like chevron, florals, and lattice making a statement – and that’s just the beginning! When choosing patterns, here are some things we like to keep in mind.

Pick a fool proof designer’s equation: Mix no more than three patterns at once. While that can seem like a lot, here’s the trick – keep them in the same colour family. That means neutrals, blues, yellows. As long as the underlying tone is the same in all patterns, you’re good to go. Use your best judgment as well. If the combination is making your head spin, try toning it down a bit.

Choose the right colour family: Right now jewel tones are in (think emerald green, sapphire, and aubergine). If you’d like something a little more bold, try black and white. It’s classic and it’s hard to go wrong.

Mix the right patterns together: When mixing three patterns together, choose as smaller subtle print, a bold stripe and a graphic. A subtle print can be tone on tone, while a graphic print can be something like bright lattice or big chevron stripes. The key is to also add in a solid to help unify this look.  This will give you a professional, yet casual vibe.

When mixed right, patterns can make a great statement and add energy to any space. Use patterns on anything from curtains, to throw pillows, or even wall prints.

Check out our Pinterest page for tons of cool ideas to see what patterns we’re loving this month, and to get inspiration for your new home!