Smart Tips from Showhome Decorators: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Own Dream Home

The showhome designers at Avi Urban are constantly discovering new finds and are up on the latest trends in home décor. After decorating the Homes by Avi 2014 Stampede Rotary Dream Home, they’ve come back with tons of cool ideas to help make your place into a dream home. Showhome decorator Marnie Galbraith gives you five ways to make it happen.  

  1. Contrasting colors: We used black and white to make a statement. Of course black and white always looks chic and pulled together.
  2. Mix old and new: Mixing new and old antique finds adds character and depth to a space. The pieces we used in the Dream Home are instant discussion pieces, and they are fun to hunt for as well! Check out our blog on top 10 places for affordable furniture in Calgary to find out where we shop for antiques.
  3. Use wood: Warm wood floors can really ground a space and make your home feel inviting. Even with white walls (like we used in this years Dream Home) the chocolate wood floors are livable and give the space an overall warm feeling.
  4. Creative walls: Wall treatments are a great way to add some personality and dimension to your home. In this year’s home, we used a variety of treatments, everything from designer to DIY! Our DIY in this year’s home were pages ripped out of a cookbook and collaged on the wall in our teen room. It’s easy and customizable. We also used wallpaper and a faux brick product to enhance certain rooms.
  5. Original art: Original artwork is priceless! Of course, our Dream Home is turned into a gallery every year to showcase this years Dream Project artists (the winner gets to keep one of their paintings). Having unique original artwork, or even creating some yourself, adds a level of sophistication and uniqueness.

You can find more information on this year’s Calgary Stampede Rotary Dream Home by visiting the Dream Home website.