Smart Tips From Our Showhome Decorators: Repurposing

In these days of do it yourself and thrifty finds, repurposing and reusing seems commonplace but can prove to be a rather daunting DIY project.

We feel the same here at the showhome department, however, with a little creativity and of course handy tools, once you get a clear vision, and jump in of course some help from Pinterest- it’s mostly smooth sailing. The look you will get is then clever and unexpected.

We are most recently proud of our rustic fishing garage at the showhome in Edison at Walden.

Here we used some ‘easy-to-get-our-hands-on’ wooden palates ( popular heavy things they are aren’t they?) to create some practical storage solutions for this fisherman’s garage.

We turned these palates into just about anything other than palates- shelves, containers, racks, you got it!

They doubled in duty from a place to showcase antique rods to helping clear the clutter with storage for your garden tools and our favorite, a place to dry your gumboots!

This garage project is easy to complete and  creatively cheap! Paint them, hang them and make them your own!

Check out this space at Edison at Walden today.

 The showhome designers at Avi Urban