Up for some Spring cleaning? The closet is the best place to start!

Whether you’ve recently made the move to a new house, or you’ve been comfortably living in your space for years, closet clutter is something we have all encountered.  You may have found yourself with too much clothing and not enough usable closet space, or maybe you’ve just mastered the art of making piles from which you fish your outfit for the day.  Either way, you may be feeling like your closet situation is cramping your style.  Thankfully, there are some easy and quick solutions to maximize your closet space but using what you have effectively.

1. Purge your closet

This step may be the biggest key to allowing yourself more closet space.  Go through what you have and get rid of anything you no longer wear.  A good rule of thumb is to ditch items you haven’t worn in the last year, be ruthless!  If you don’t feel like simply donating all of your clothes, perhaps because you have some valuable items to part with, try researching thrift stores around your area and earn some extra cash for your used clothing.  I bet you’re feeling better already.

2. Plan it out

Drawing out a plan may be the most effective strategy in this case.  Take a look at what you’ll be storing in your closet and determine how much room these things will use.  For example, dresses will need more vertical space than pants or skirts, but the space below things like pants and skirts can be used for more storage.  Installing additional closet rods below those shorter hanging items is not only an easy DIY project, but it ensures you maximize your closet space according to your needs.

3. Make use of all space in your closet

In most closet spaces, the area above that top shelf is empty.  Installing shelves or stacking boxes all the way to the ceiling is a great way to use that otherwise empty space.  Find yourself some boxes with fun patterns, or mix and match to add your own signature touch to your storage solution.

4. Use the inside of your closet door for additional storage

A closet door can act as a great solution for limited closet space.  Installing hooks on the door can create a space for jewelry, scarves, bags, ties, or even tomorrow’s outfit.  Baskets and shelves are another effective and easy DIY option for your other miscellaneous closet items.

There you have it!  4 easy ways to de-clutter your closet and make sure you’re using space efficiently based on your needs.  You may even end up with extra space on your hands, and no, that doesn’t mean you should go shopping to fill it.

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