Talking Solutions to Today’s Economic Situation

In it Together is a campaign started by Jeff Bradshaw, the owner of V Industries.  It was created to put a positive spin on our current economic situation.  In a time when all anyone seems to be talking about is the economic downturn, it’s a major breath of fresh air.  They are reaching out to major industry and community leaders, and real people living in Calgary, who are giving honest input about the current situation, but most importantly are talking about the solutions.  Avi Urban President, Charron Ungar is one of the people asked to participate in this campaign.

In his video, Charron talks about how homebuyers and business owners can take advantage of the economic downturn, a big part of which is taking advantage of low mortgage rates, because they won’t be staying that way when the economy improves.  As businesses, it’s all about looking inwardly and coming together as a team to find out how you can be more efficient and save more money.  Then you have strengthened relationships to build on when things get better.   When it comes to staying positive during tough times, he says it’s important to work together as businesses, as an industry, strengthen relationships in good times and bad, and get involved in the community.  To see the full video, see above, or click here.