Thankful for… seating! The Avi Urban team saves your butt!

So you’ve just moved in to your beautiful new Avi Urban townhouse and settling in. The excitement is fresh and the holidays are fast approaching, so you decide to host your friends and family for your first Thanksgiving dinner. What a great way to celebrate your new digs!
But wait! Where is everyone going to sit?

Stand by me, when you’re ….you get the point.

The age old problem of extra seating for holiday functions. Cause, let’s be honest, who needs all that seating year round? And you don’t want your guests standing the entire time. Just because you’re townhouse living, doesn’t mean the kitchen and dining areas are small and can’t accommodate all your entertaining needs. Finding a seating solution to fit your space and your needs is essential.

Style doesn’t take a seat!

Forget the folder chairs and plastic patio furniture you used to drag in. Having extra seating shouldn’t sacrifice how gorgeous your new home is. Here are some surefire ways to ensure you’re holiday ready to seat all your guests this Thanksgiving.

Planning makes perfect

Aside from picking out paint colours and choosing the flooring you’re going to love walking on every day, thinking about the furniture you’re going to have in your home is just as important.

Dining room tables and chairs are essential for completing the room and the options out there are limitless. Here is what we think totally kicks butt:

Bench style kitchen table

The bench style kitchen table provides a few benefits. Bench style kitchen table seating provides many seating options, with options for bench style seating on both sides, or chairs on one side and a bench on the other. So when you have guests over for the holidays, you can pull out the benches and seat more bums, and when it’s not these one-off entertaining dining moments, you can even push the table up against the wall and slide the bench underneath, creating more space. Very stylish and functional.

Another important choice when thinking of furniture for your new townhome, are pieces that are multi-purpose, which can provide storage and seating all in one.

Is that my seat?


No, not the old style ottoman you’d see at your grandma’s house when you were growing up and you’d try and stretch out so your feet could reach. These are new, functional, contemporary and serve multiple purposes.

Ottomans can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on what space you’re trying to utilize, you can choose from four piece designs, trunk style, circular, square, and ones that even flip over to have a hard eating surface. It really is up to you.

These are great pieces to have in your home as you can use them for storage when you’re not entertaining, and pull them out for extra seating or eating surfaces when you are.
Now that’s a party trick!


Just like magic, Poufs are a great décor item that also serve as a seat. It is a trend that is popular right now, and they come in many different accent colors to make your house pop! They’re also small enough to stick in a corner on display or fit perfectly under a table.

Now, we know entertaining isn’t just throwing a bunch of food on the table and everyone chowing down. Your space needs to look good along with your food. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your seating solutions.

Neat seat

When it comes to seating, people tend to sit wherever they want. But this is your house, your rules!
Keep in mind that to generate the best conversations, seat guests in groups of six or eight. If you are super popular and have more guests, split them in to these groups at different tables of six to eight.  You can always utilize your island or breakfast bar in your kitchen that can dub as a table.

Keeping the old school boy – girl- boy – girl theme is always a classic look. Keep in mind that spouses usually tend to want to sit together, however coordinate it so that spouses sit across from one another instead, and this way the guests get to know the person they are sitting next to.

If your guests are seated at different tables, a nice tie in is to create matching centerpieces so the flow of the room remains. To ensure all your planning doesn’t go to waste, create name cards for your guests to complement your centerpieces for a look your friends will talk about long after that killer turkey you just made and served!

Now that we’ve given you some great pointers, we hope you can put them to good use. But if you just can’t make it happen, we have one last solution:

Distract them with dishes

Go ahead, you deserve them! That’s right. A set of matching dishes. If you can’t seat all your guest in a functional, fashionable manner, distract them with your fancy new matching dishes. They’ll love them so much they might even wash them for you after dinner too!

Love these ideas?

We thought you might!
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“We have purchased a lot of fun poufs, ottomans and accent chairs from HomeSense, Bouclair, Urban Barn and Showhome Furniture.” Chloe, Showhome Decorator, Homes by Avi.