The Block: An Oasis In Your Back Yard

At The Block not only will you see a funky modern exterior but located on the interior is a unique modern courtyard. The courtyard can actually be traced back to 2000 B.C. to what is today modern day Syria. It carried throughout Europe and with centuries later even into Mexico.

So a little history lesson for you…

The courtyard served three purposes. First, it allowed high density in ancient cities which needed to be surrounded by walls to protect against enemy attacks. In those cramped cities, the courtyard also offered privacy. For the Islamic culture, the courtyard had another benefit: a sheltered place for plants and fountains, fulfilling a religious purpose of creating paradise in the midst of arid country. In addition, the plants and water helped cool the house. And thirdly it was a family living area, rather like the contemporary family room or patio.

Here at The Block, living around a courtyard does mean a private oasis of trees, plants and benches. A social gathering place to get to know your neighbours perhaps play some bocce ball or even lawn jenga. It also means having the security of a community within the community, knowing that neighbours can look out for one another.

With benefits of more natural light, private gardens and more air flow, it’s no wonder that this ancient design is reemerging and becoming a popular concept today.

In 2006, Avi Urban also did a community with a courtyard concept called “The Olive” .This design won The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada National Urban Design Awards, Award of Excellence in the category of Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans.

Your new Calgary condo could be at The Block, where a unique and trending concept is taking shape. Or where I like to say “all the cool kids are!” Come in and see us to take a tour and see what all the buzz is about.

Melissa @ The Block