The Block: Buyer Profile – Amy O

Name- Amy O

Occupation: Web designer for WestJet

·         New owner of- 1 bed 650 sq ft

·         Favorite spot on 17th- Tubby Dog!


Why you chose to call The Block your home:

All the other cool cats that purchased are here! I need to be back in the action, I’m tired of living in the suburbs.

How you heard about us?

Through Erin & Dave, previous purchasers at The Block.

Your Favorite thing about your new home?

The big windows on the front and back. And being able to smell Tubby Dog from my bedroom window!

Favorite Kind of Cheese?

Double Cream Brie

What is the coolest thing about you?

I’m trying out for the Roller Derby!

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Dog in Thailand… by accident 🙁

Most embarassing moment?

When I worked for WestJet as a CSA I forgot to give a guest his boarding pass. So I ran after him down the corridor past the security line up yelling his name.. the whole time not realizing my lanyard with ID tags was unbottoning all the way to my belly button.. by the time I caught up I had flashed him and the whole security line. He’ll never forget me I’m sure!

Most Triumphant moment?

I designed the paint job for WestJet’s Care-antee airplane. It’s the only plane in the fleet with original art work.

Talk about a small world within 20 minutes we realized she worked with a good friend of mine at WestJet and I went to highschool with her sister! It’s a no brainer that we are now neighbors! Welcome to The Block Amy. Get ready to christen The Block with a lap in the courtyard via your rollerskates.. Ha!

Melissa @ The Block