The Block: Buyer Profile – Kari H

Here at The Block we are starting a “buyer profile” so you get an idea of just who your neighbor will be off the happening 17th Ave. We dug deep and had some laughs to bring you some good insight on your newest friend and possible dog sitter if you choose to call The Block your home!

·         Name: Kari H

·         Occupation: Executive Assistant

·         New Owner of: 1 Bed 1 Bath 650 sq ft

·         Favorite spot on 17th: 1410 or Steeling Home


Why you chose to call The Block your home:

“Location, location, location! With working downtown I will now be able to walk to work and clear my head versus the build up of road rage when driving! Not to mention it’s my style, modern and clean. The open layout of the 650 sq. ft. one bedroom also makes it feel like a huge place.”

Your favorite thing about your new home?

“That it’s mine and I have my own space! Also it’s right off 17th, it has everything right outside my door”

Favorite kind of cheese?

“Depends on the wine! I prefer Swiss with a Malbec and Blue cheese with a Shiraz” (Thanks for the tip Kari!)

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

“I am that person that always finds a hair in their meal. Didn’t eat pizza for almost 10 years because of an incident!”

Most embarrassing moment?

“It was the last day of school before the Christmas break. My mom always told me to wear winter boots because it is icy and I could fall. I was 14, and TOO COOL for winter boots so I opted for running shoes. When you are a child in middle school it is all about appearance and not about functionality. In hindsight – running shoes and jeans, not the best fashion statement. I digress, the bell rang and it was time for lunch. A normal routine was to walk to REO’s corner store which was about 4 blocks away. It had all the best candy, hubba bubba, pop rocks, licorice … you name it, it had everything! My friends and I were walking to the store when I realized EVERYONE from school was also walking to the store. I decided to run to the store because I wanted to get in line first. There was a maximum of 10 people in the store at a time. There were many rules we all needed to follow; it was very regimented!!! I was running to the Candy store in my cool running shoes when … OOOOPPPS, I slipped on ice. My ankle went one way and my leg went another. All my friends were laughing hysterically. They said that was the funniest fall they’ve ever seen before. It wasn’t unlike me to slip and fall as, I am slightly klutzy! I tried to stand up but something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put any weight on my foot. Still my friends were laughing aloud. I exclaimed to them it hurt and I cannot stand. Finally my friends helped me up, it turns out I broke my leg. I was taken to emergency where the nurse put a right legged splint on my left leg… but that is a WHOLE other story. The moral of this story is, to ALWAYS listen to your mom. Mother’s know best! If only, I was wearing my winter boots I would have be able to be first in line.”

And last but not least ..

Most triumphant moment?

“2012 is my year. I bought this new place at The Block, getting recognition from work and now going on dates! Things are defintitely rolling into place. I love my life right now… I’m probably jinxing myself and will walk into a wall tonight” ..

Thank you so much for your time Kari. It was fun getting to know you that much better!

Melissa at The Block