The Block: Buyer Profile – Michael and Wade

It’s about that time again to find out who your new neigbor would be! Michael and Wade stumbled onto our project by chance. Browsing the Homes by Avi website they noticed a cool looking project happening in the inner city. Wanting to relocate from the burbs and after visiting our show suite their “by chance” finding us turned out to be fate!! This fun loving and social couple is just what The Block needed.

·         Name: Michael & Wade

·         Occupation: M– Business Analyst W-Travel Agency Manager (Aka: Travel Guru)

·         New owner of: 2 bed 2 bath

·         Favorite spot on 17th? M– Tubby Dog W– Ming


Why did you choose to call The Block your home?

Location, location! Also the project is unique and great value for money. Our unit has an awesome patio and ceiling heights with lots of windows that give it that “wow” factor.

Favorite kind of cheese?

M- Old Cheddar W-Swiss

What is the coolest thing about you?

M– I volunteer working backstage for theatre W– I’ve travelled around most of the world…almost

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

M-Head cheese (Aka: Pig Brain. It was under peer pressure and it stinks to high heaven!) W- Riding my cousins motorcycle I ate a lot of bugs!

Most triumphant moment?

M- Ran in a half marathon and came in faster then estimated! W- Surviving hitting a moose with my car!

Thank you for your time guys. You are a lot of fun and I’m so excited for your new home at The Block!

Melissa at The Block