The Block: Buyer Profile – Tony T

With the recent release of our top floor it has meant more condos which means more awesome peeps who can call The Block home!

  • Meet- Tony T
  • Occupation- Financial service rep/advisor & Emerging dance artist
  • New Owner of- 1 bed 650 sq ft
  • Favorite spot on 17th Ave- Cafe Beano


Why you chose to call The Block home?

It’s not cookie cutter. All about pushing boundaries just like myself. It was just a good fit!

How you heard about us?

Through a friend

Favorite thing about your new home?

That I can call it my own!

Your favorite kind of cheese?

Provolone or Brie

What is the coolest thing about you?

I teach and dance- house, waacking & Vogue. Emerging as an artist here in Calgary and around the world.

(No waacking does not mean offing someone. Ha! Definition- is a style of dance that falls within the umbrella category of street dance, a freestyle form of dance performed primarily to disco or funk music..)

Nicknames as a kid?

Tub tub… I was kind of a fat kid when I was younger!

Most embarrassing moment?

One time when I was teaching a class of 30+ students I was teaching them a dance move and proceeded to instruct them to use.. two fingers… let’s just say I didn’t live that down and now one of my many nicknames is “Tony two fingers” along with a gesture or two!!

Most triumphant moment?

Performing in New York and Finland

So excited for you to be a part of The Block Tony! I think you are a great fit and may need to put on a performance in the courtyard (bet you’ve never done that before!)

Melissa @ The Block