The Block: Construction Update!

February has been a great month so far, above zero weather and sunny days have allowed for your new Calgary condo to keep trekking ahead with construction.

We stopped by the site to chat with our awesome site superintendent, Colin. He’s currently working closely with the team to ensure the main floor slab is complete. That means pouring concrete to create the first floor, with the parkade below it.

With over 30 workers and 1000 cubic meters of concrete poured (yup, that is a lot!) I am happy to share that the parkade is finished! They’re on the final days of concrete pours, which includes both the main floor and elevator shaft. It’s cool to see that the elevator shaft is definitely taking shape!

Check out the latest video construction update to see the final concrete pour and get the details from our site superintendent!

Once they’re finished pouring, framing will be starting in the next few weeks! You’ll be able to see the process of your home, since they’ll be framing walls and the building itself will start to take shape.

We’ll be keeping you up to date as framing begins, with monthly blogs and regular video construction updates.

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Melissa @ The Block