The Block: Construction Update – December 2013

It’s been an incredibly busy winter at The Block! The new Calgary condos and townhomes are quickly taking shape and the team is progressing on all areas of the building!

We recently checked in with our project manager Mike D. to see where the construction process is at. Here’s how your new place is coming along this month, and what things you can expect to see during this Christmas season:

The exterior of the building is looking incredible. The stucco work is almost complete, we just have two more sections to finish and then the scaffolding will be coming down. This is a momentous occasion at The Block, because you’ll be able to see the a completed exterior section of the building.

The team will also start the second floor siding on the east courtyard this week, so the courtyard is really starting to take shape. It’s a huge statement in the development. The courtyard planters are all poured and the brick work will start once the weather gets a bit better.

On the walkways, we’re seeing huge strides as these come together. The second and third floor concrete walkways were poured before the blizzard hit, so that major piece has been completed and it’s looking great. The exterior sidewalk on the southwest corner is also complete, making The Block one very walkable community!

A fun feature to note is that the townhome garage doors are now installed. It really adds a finished look to the laneways, and it’s cool to see these amazing live/work homes coming together.

Inside, the drywall taping is complete in all of the first floor condos, which means texturing of the ceilings can start next week. After that comes all the fun finishing touches, which are exciting to see! On the north townhomes and north condos, the rough-ins (plumbing and electrical) are complete. This means that drywall can soon be installed.

While our team is busy this month, keep an eye out for the exterior starting to take shape and the scaffolding coming down as you drive by!