The Block: Construction Update – March 2013

Check it out! Your new Calgary condo is taking shape. Framing has begun and is quickly progressing, with the first floor framed we haved already moved onto the second. The Elevator shaft is at 3 stories before you know it will be up and running!

This means you’ll begin to see your new home take shape, with walls and floors starting to come together. We’ll be posting more photos on our Facebook page as the framing progresses, so keep it locked there!

Every year The SAM Awards also known as the Calgary Builder Awards are presented. This year I’m proud to announce that The Block by Avi Urban has been nominated for a few categories.

First nomination is for Marketing Campaign of the year, with 4 others in this category let’s keep our fingers crossed! Next two nominations are for Best New Design, first up is floor plan up to 799 sq ft- The 1 Bed B grabbed this spot and second up is floor plan between 800-1199 sq. ft – drum roll… The 2 Bedroom A!

These awards are in mid April so I will be sure to keep you in the loop of how it turns out! For more nominees and categories check out the SAM Awards I’ve linked

Melissa@ The Block