The Block: Who Needs a Car, Anyway?


There is a new way to get to your new Calgary condo. No car? No problem! New to the city? Not to worry. Welcome car2go, the future of urban mobility in Calgary.


Jump in a car whenever you need one, drive it for as long as you like, and only pay for the time that you use it. For only 35 cents a minute and a car being located literally on every corner it’s simple and convenient.


The free floating concept means there is no return time or return location. When you’re done, simply park the car back within the Home Area and the car2go service team takes care of the rest! Genius? Yes!


Becoming a member is super easy, too. It’s as simple as a pin code to access a car and then it’s billed to your credit card. Need to hit up Chinook Centre and shop? Or maybe check out Inglewood for some antiques? Then you need to try car2go! We think it’ll be an awesome option for our homeowners.


Melissa @ The Block