The Enclave: Construction Update – August 2013

The construction team has been seriously busy this summer, with tons of landscaping happening throughout the site and more and more homes being completed every week.

We checked in with our awesome site superintendent Terry to get the details on where the homes are at in The Enclave. Here’s what’s been going on this August:

Possessions have happened in a majority of the buildings at The Enclave, with new homeowners moving in every month. Possessions happened in Building 16 this month, with some homeowners in Building 10 moving in as well. Come September, the remaining homeowners in Building 10 and the homeowners in Building 17 will be moving into their new places and meeting their new neighbours!

For the remaining buildings, possessions are slated for October and November of this year. Here’s where your new Calgary townhome is at:

Building 1: The team is finishing up the rough-in’s (all the important pieces that make your home run behind the walls), and then they’ll be insulating. Possessions are planned for November.

Building 9: Currently the team is insulating in this building, with inspections happening as well. Possessions are planned for November.

Building 17: Drywall and taping is happening, with the final pieces being completed prior to homeowners moving in later in September.

Building 18: This building is in the drywall stage right now, and possessions are planned for October.

Building 20: Insulation is currently happening in this building, and they’ll soon be starting to install drywall. Possessions are planned for October.

The landscaping across the development is well on its way to being completed, and the team has taken advantage of the awesome summer to complete the incredible lookout point (overlooking the natural pond). The rest of the landscaping, along with lighting and development signs, should be completed by the end of September. It’ll be great to see the development come to life this fall!

For more information on how your new place is coming along, feel free to connect with your customer relations representative for a complete update.

Kassandra @ The Enclave