The Enclave Construction Update for March!

For those of you who are curious who’s moving in and where we are at in the construction stages for the Enclave, we have an update on what’s going on.

Building 1 – The foundations are going in on buildings 1, 18 and 20! Next stage will be framing each of the floors and then the roof will go up.

Building 2 – All moved in

Building 3 – All moved in

Building 4 – All moved in

Building 5 – All moved in

Building 6 – We have homeowners moving in!

Building 7 – All moved in

Building 8 – All moved in

Building 9 – Foundation

Building 10 –We are in the process of framing 3rd Floor! Next step is the roof! J

Building 11 – People are moving into building 11 as you read this update!

Building 12 – All moved in

Building 13 – Painting

Building 14 & 15 – All the rough ins are done in both these buildings and now we’re on to the drywall stage.

Building 16 – Framing Roof next stage will be rough ins then the dry wall.

Building 17 – We are starting to frame this building, the foundation is done and now you will s tart to see this building take shape.

Building 18 – Foundation

Building 19 – Rough-ins are being done and then the drywall will go up.

Building 20 – Foundation

Building 21 – Framing Roof and Rough-ins next steps will be drywall.