The Enclave Construction Update for November

For those of you who are patiently waiting for your new home to be complete at the Enclave, we have another update and some great photos for you! The snow may slow you down from getting where you’re going, but at the Enclave our construction team is still hard at work on your new Calgary townhome.

Building 1 – They have started to backfill this building and we’re still looking at a tentative possession for late fall of 2013.

Building 5 – We’re putting the final touches on this building and have possessions at the end of the month.

Building 6 – Framing/Rough-in. Rough-ins are when the tradespeople go in to complete all the plumbing and electrical work once the framing of a building is complete.

Building 7 – Rough-in

Building 8 – Framing completion and rough-in start

Building 10 – We have started cribbing. Cribbing is the step before the foundations are poured. Next step is framing.

Building 11 – Framing completion and rough-in start

Building 13 – At the framing stage, you will start to see your home take shape and have a standing unit by the end.

Building 14 – Framing

Building 15 – Backfill

Building 16 – Staking/excavating

Building 19 – Ready to frame

Building 21 – Ready to frame

Keep checking our blog for more construction updates as we get closer to construction, and feel free to post any questions below or on our Facebook page.


Kassandra @ The Enclave