The Enclave: Fall Construction Update

We’ve had such a beautiful summer and fall this year construction is moving along nicely and buildings seem to be popping up weekly! Here is a building by building update of our progress.

Building 1 – We are pouring footings, this is the step before framing begins.

Building 2 – Occupied! We had possessions start early this month.

Building 3 – Finishing/Carpet

Building 4 – They’ve started the drywall and priming, next step will be paint.

Building 5, 6, 8, 11 and 13– Framing has just begun on these three buildings. Now that you can see the buildings standing this part of the project is exciting because we’re one step closer to seeing the big picture! What a beautiful picture is will be!

Building 7 – – This building has framing completed, rough ins have started, with insulation and drywall to follow. Rough ins are what we call all the Electrical and Utilities  that are installed in the unit prior to the finishing stages with  drywall.

Building 9 – Staking

Building 12 – Middle of possessions! This building should be fully occupied by the middle of October.

Building 14, 19 and 21 – Ready for framing, the footings have been poured on these buildings and now we wait to start framing.

Building 15 – Cribbing has begun on this building, cribbing is the steps before they pour the footings and start framing.

Keep checking our blog for more construction updates and details on The Enclave as it nears completion!