The Enclave: May Construction Update

If you’ve been anxious to hear what’s going on with your home at The Enclave at Castle Keep, then you’re going to want to read this!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this past month. With this beautiful spring we’ve been busy finishing up the buildings backing on the environmental reserve and a lot of happy homeowners are packing up their belongings and moving into their new homes! What a great time to move on into a new place, just in time for BBQ’s and friends in your new place.

Here’s a building by building update:

Building 1 – We are still on track for a late fall 2013 move in, with framing starting this month.

Building 9 – Framing has started on this building and we’re still looking at fall 2013 as a tentative date for homeowners to be taking possession.

Building 10 – All the rough-ins are being finished up in this building, with drywall to be going up at the end of this month. Possessions are still on track for a tentative possession in August or Septmeber.

Building 14 & 15 – We have homeowners moving in now! Possessions will be going on all month.

Building 16 – The rough-ins are almost complete in building 16 and we are starting the installation of drywall and should have that up by the end of this month. After the drywall is complete the interior finishing will begin, that’s the cabinets, painting, flooring, tile etc. The home really takes shape at this point. Possessions for building 16 should be happening in late summer 2013.

Building 17 – The framing and the roof is complete and rough-ins will start this week. After the rough-ins are completed, the drywall will be going up. Rough-ins are all the electrical wiring, plumbing, central vac, and insulation installed in the walls. Possessions are still looking good for an estimated possession in September 2013.

Building 18 – Framing has been completed and now the rough-ins are starting in this building. Possessions are still expected for fall 2013.

Building 19 – We are working on the interior finishings in building 19, the cabinets are going in and we are still looking at early summer possessions.

Building 20 – We have started framing! The first floor in going up, and once the framing of all the floors is done, the roof will be installed. After the framing is complete, next step will be rough-ins. Possessions are tentativly going to be in the month of October.

Building 21 – By the end of the month we will have started the interior finishing in building 21. The drywall in being put up now, and we’re looking at summer 2013 for possessions.

Our Enclave team at Avi Urban is committed to providing you with monthly updates as to where we are at with possessions and your new home, so don’t forget to stay tuned for what’s to come this summer!

Kassandra @ The Enclave & Sawyer Silverado