The Post at Nolan Hill: Construction Update Oct 2013

It has been very exciting to watch how quickly the sales at The Post in Nolan Hill have progress since our launch just a few months ago. We’ve now had another exciting milestone happen for The Post, that will lead into the start of construction! Our Development permit has been approved by the City of Calgary.

With our approved development permit we can now proceed with the first stages of the start of construction, grading the land. Now this may not be as exciting as the start of framing or the finishing stage when it comes to construction, but its just and important.

Grading refers to the creation of a slope (or slopes) into your property. Slopes are important as it set the ground to allow for the proper drainage of water, beautify the aspect of the house and makes for easier maintenance. Ensuring a level base and proper slop for when foundations start will help surface water, from rain or snow melting, from collecting against the house.

From the pictures you can see that stakes are also now in the ground marking the site. And soon you will see equipment showing up on site as well!

TaraLynn @ The Post