The Post at Nolan Hill: Sage Hill Common Shopping Center

When first coming to The Post in Nolan Hill shopping for your new home, you will want to know not only about everything we offer at The Post, but also about the surrounding area and the amenities nearby. The Post is not only is an amazing location with great accessibility but, located on the east side of Shaganappi, right across the street from The Post, there is an amazing shopping center that is going to be developed, called Sage Hill Common.

Located in the heart of the of Symons Valley off of Shaganappi and 144 Ave NW, Sage Hill Common, upon completion will;

  • Encompass ±200,000 square feet of retail / office space on 17 acres.
  • Include a variety of retailers (yet to be determined), including most likely a grocery store, pub/restaurant, financial institution(s), and/or other great retailers
  • The site has encouraged a striking tiered design complimented by numerous amenity areas.
  • Construction is expected start spring/summer 2014, some retailers opening possibly by 2015 with completion in 2016

Now why would a new Shopping center open with Creekside and Beacon Hill so close? The development of Calgary’s northern communities has accounted for 26% of the city’s overall suburban growth. Sage Hill and Nolan Hill will eventually be home to ±21,000 people, with Nolan Hill housing approximately ±13,000 of those people. With the city also promoting walkable communities you will most likely see more of the condensed sized shopping centers like this spread throughout new communities.

When I hear news about the retails that will be moving into Sage Hill Common I will be sure to update everyone with a new blog!

TaraLynn @ The Post