The Post at Nolan Hill: What’s the big deal about Beacon Hill?

In some of my previous blogs I’ve talked a lot about the pubs, stores and other retail stores over in Creekside shopping center. Now being at The Post in Nolan Hill, we are smack dab between to amazing shopping centers, Creekside and Beacon Hill. While Creekside is great, there’s just so much more that Beacon Hill offers. I mean, who doesn’t love Costco!

Beacon Hill Shopping Center lets you skip the mall with clothing and shoe stores, or stores for home decor and improvement, Future Shop for the electronics lover, and many other specialty stores for all your other shopping needs.

Hungry? There is variety of restaurants with almost every type of cuisine you may be craving. In a hurry, you can grab something and go, or sit down and relax with friends and family at one of the dine-in restaurants.

All of these different stores are great, but you want to find everything under one roof? There’s Costco! Costco is were you can shop for everything from, clothes, to electronics, groceries, home furnishings, seasonal goods, plus much much more. Don’t have a Costco membership, well that doesn’t stop you from being able to shop at the Costco Liquor store at least!

So next time your looking to do some retail therapy, find that perfect gift, or head out for something to eat, I suggest headng to Beacon Hill! You’ll be suprised at just how much you’ll be able to find!

TaraLynn @ The Post