The Post in Nolan Hill: Construction Update July 2015

It won’t be long now until every homeowner is calling The Post home! The last building is set to start having homeowners move in by the end of next week!! Landscapers are all over The Post in Nolan Hill as we speak!

Think you have missed out at being able to call The Post home? Not yet! The Post in Nolan Hill has just 2 townhomes left for sale! So there is still an opportunity to call The Post home. Stop by the show homes (38 Nolan Hill Gate NW) and we would be happy to take you over and show you both remaining town homes!

Here is where The Post is at now with finishing up;

Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 – Completed and all homeowners have moved in!

Building 6 – Almost complete! Homeowners will start moving in by next weekend!

Around the site – Landscapers have finally been spotted on site and landscaping is underway. They are currently getting the sprinkler system in, fixing up a few retaining walls and most of the site has had the top soil topped up and leveled out. This week hopefully we start to see some green, trees, shrubs and grass that is!

That is all for now, until next time!

TaraLynn @ The Post in Nolan Hill