The Stampede Dream Home Inspiration

For the 21st year, Homes by Avi has built the Dream Home in support of the Rotary Club of Calgary South. And our amazing decorator, Chloe, gave us the insights on the idea behind the decor.
So dust off those cowboy boots and hats because it is that time of year again: Stampede!

It’s not only my favourite time of year, but my biggest project is featured throughout 10 days of endless country music, two stepping and carnival rides and games. The Stampede Dream Home is the baby of the year. Ideas started rolling for the new home the second the current home is being undressed. This year’s home has been on my mind since July of last year.

What did I come up with? Well, I’d like to call this year’s baby Classic Elegance.
I knew that this year’s Dream Home would be a bungalow located in Harmony. The mind started flowing thinking what can I play on to make this home unique and different from the rest?
A white kitchen and gold accents has been a design style and idea that’s been floating around this past year. Why not take this idea and add it to our upcoming Dream Home?!

Jillian Harris has been a huge influence on me for this home. Her styles are always so soft and elegant. I drew on some of her design styles and added them into the home, which included wainscoting in a bedroom, chandeliers above the island and a play on white and marble.

Since this year was a bungalow, I really had to step it up to make it memorable. The main focus was on the ensuite, great room and kitchen. The colours of this home were kept simple: white, grey and a pop of sea foam green. It is a very bright home this year, lots of natural light and big open windows.

When it came to the selection process, I kept most of the selections to a minimum.

For the kitchen, I wanted a white kitchen with a beautiful tile to give it that pop. I went with the white shaker cabinets for the main portion of the kitchen and added a beautiful grey Moroccan tile to the back splash, that was also used as the inset in bathroom built-ins, fireplace back splashes and the wall behind the claw-foot tub. The countertops are Caesarstone that looks like marble with a white background and grey veins. This is similar to the faux marble floor tile that is throughout the home.
Floor tile can be dangerous throughout a home, but to prevent the furniture from moving, a distressed hardwood was selected to place inserts within the home, including in the dining room and great room. This also added to the dimension of the flooring space in the home. It broke up all the white and added a bit of rustiness.

To bring in some of the grey that is within the Caesarstone and floor tile, I decided to add a grey cabinet in the back hall/mud room and in the bathrooms. This gave the home some dimension as an all-white home can look flat.

A white and grey home can always be elegant, but is that dreamy enough? NO! Why not add a pop of colour to give this home some life! Sea foam green is an upcoming colour you will see this season. I have always loved the idea of doing a colourful island, and this home was the perfect home to test this out. It was too fun to not put elsewhere, so the pocket office that is attached to the kitchen can also be found in the sea foam green.
This kitchen also features a hood fan that was customized. I really wanted an ornate wood hood fan for this year’s home, however I did not want to take away from the back splash. Instead, we took a plain hood fan and jazzed it up with some metal and brass to go with all the gold handles. This hood fan really pulled the kitchen together.

The ensuite…all I can say is WOW! This is by far my favourite spot in this year’s home. How can you have an elegant home without a claw-foot tub? That just screams classy and beautiful to me. To make this claw-foot tub stand out, the Moroccan tile is featured throughout the back wall from floor to ceiling! Across from this tub features a big, spacious rain shower, perfect for those over 6ft tall. (Yes, all you tall folks, be sure to purchase a ticket to win this home!)

Great Room
The great room…that fireplace – GASP! This isn’t any ordinary home, but the Dream Home! I needed a fireplace that will shout elegant and absolutely incredible. I did not want a plain log or stone fireplace. I wanted a glass fireplace with marble surround. Up came this glass surround fireplace with crystals that can be changed to any color that best suits this home. It was to die for and so worth the money. The marble floor tile that was chosen was also used to flank this fireplace. It is absolutely stunning and I want it for my own home.

Ceiling and wall treatments are always important to a home. The high ceilings called for slatted wood painted finish. This was added to the main dining room and kitchen.
Seeing as the ceiling came to a point in the home, how can you not make that a focus? The ceiling might be white but the texture is what makes it extra beautiful. Where else could I focus on the ceiling, but the main entrance. The ceiling is 12 feet from the ground. The insert called for something extraordinary. This home has some antique influences within. I found these beautiful white and gold tin tiles from a company down in the States, and I knew I had to include them into the home. The front entrance is exactly where it needed to be.

As for wall treatments, the guest room called for a full room of wainscoting. Seeing as this room had the most windows, it needed a bit of pop. Over the wainscoting, I found an elegant sea foam green grass cloth that luckily had gold accents within. They are subtle but in some lights you can see the beautiful gold flecks. This will always be a pretty surprise in that room.
The great room also needed a beautiful wall treatment. I found a similar tin wallpaper to add to the great room. There were enough textures going on in that room that the real tin tile would have been much. However, this tin wallpaper was the right ingredient to add. The tin wallpaper can be found behind the tv and it doesn’t compete against the marble fireplace.
Lastly, I wanted a pop somewhere else. But where? The master closet is one of our bigger closets this year. Why not put a fun wallpaper behind some of the built-ins! This adds a bit of fun and surprise when getting your clothes every morning.

The lighting is a make or break it within a home. To continue with all the gold accents we put in the hardware, I knew I wanted all the lights to be in a gold finish as well.
Chandeliers. Does that not mean elegance to you? I have been doing pendants over the island for years now and I wanted something completely different. Instead of a normal glass pendant why not flank some chandeliers over the island. This definitely classed up the space and added an antique feel. All the lights picked for this home had an elegant and antique feel to them which helped tie the whole house together.

There is just so much to talk about with this home. I don’t know where to stop. But before I spoil the whole house for you before you see it for yourself, the décor! I have dreamed about the Versailles chairs from Restoration Hardware for years and I knew I HAD to have them for the Dream Home this year. After four months of waiting, custom made Versailles chairs had arrived at the warehouse! They are more than I could have dreamed of. Absolutely stunning and it completes the great room perfectly. As for the rest of furniture, I wanted simple and clean items. Going with the gold accents in the home, I added gold furniture pieces in the great room and guest room. They are simple enough that they give that hint of elegance that is needed to complete the home. When it came to accessories, sticking with the sea foam green and gold was the right choice. Lots of floral arrangements can be found in the Dream Home along with beautiful gold frames and sea foam accents. You can’t have a classy home without floral arrangements!

You can’t decorate without art.  Here comes Miss Anna Hall. I actually met Anna when I was taking a glass blowing class this past January and February. She showed me some of her art and I knew she was going to do wonders with her work. I asked her to apply to our Dream Home artist contest and I am so glad she did! Her youthful spirit and lively colour was the perfect fit for our home. Since the home was so white and grey, the bright art gave that pop the walls needed. I can’t explain how perfect it tied the home together.

That is it for spoiling the Dream Home for you. Let me leave you hanging a bit so you can all enjoy this home and walk through it during this year’s Stampede. Go check out my baby, I swear you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to buy a ticket to win this beautiful home located in Harmony! My gears are spinning with ideas for next year’s Dream Home…but unfortunately you will have to wait a year for that reveal!

Til next time,