Things to do in August

Our friends at Avenue Magazine are always in the know on what’s happening in and around our city. For us, it’s our go-to spot when we want to know the hottest restaurants that have opened, the best festivals to attend and things to do in our city.

So we thought we would share their knowledge on things to do this August. The weather has been beautiful, and August tends to never let us down in that department. Everyone has summer on the brain and is out and about and the city is buzzing! It’s so energetic and we never want it to stop. We don’t even want to think about fall, but unfortunately it’s right around the corner. So we want to encourage you to get out and enjoy the summer and check out their list of 25 things to do… and we love the list!

We always like to pick some of our fav’s from their lists, and this time we had a hard time choosing, but we picked our top five things to do in August:

  1. Watch a movie at St. Patrick’s Island – Every Thursday in August, outdoor movies are played for free for everyone to enjoy! Hop on your bike, grab some snack and a blanket and enjoy the show!
  2.  A romantic patio night – Enjoy a handful of the most romantic patios in the city and bring your special someone. Enjoy it before it’s too cold to sit outside and feed each other.
  3. Rooftop monster movies – Do you wanna see the view of the city from a rooftop AND watch some cool monster movies in the same night? This is for you! Calgary Underground Film Festival will be screening these free movies, and there will be live music and drinks for purchase before showtime.
  4. Block party – Meet your neighbours or your fellow Calgarians and head to Victoria Park for Rock the Sac. It’s a free event with music, food trucks and activities.
  5. Visit a bar in an alley – That’s right. A bar in an alley. No, it’s not shady. It’s called Container Bar and it’s located in the alleyway between Kensington Wine Market and Ingear. It’s a quirky outdoor bar that offers carnival fair food and tasty drinks! It’s one of a kind.

You have to check out the rest of the list. There are some good ones on there!
So get out there, enjoy the summer, and thank our friends at Avenue for giving you the in on the fun things to do in Calgary!

Until next time,

Your Avi Urban team